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Education Acquisition Group offers personalized executive coaching, consultation, and leadership training for businesses, non-profits, start-ups, and educators. Mykia Cadet holds in-person and virtual meetings with clients across the country.
Education Acquisiton Group develops innovative ideas serving as executive thought-partners.
Education Acquisition Group provides confidential consultation and coaching for businesses, non-profits, universites, and individuals.
Education Acquisition Group provides in-depth support and direction on projects, programs, and processes related to meeting a company or business's bottom-line.
Education Acquisition Group offers process observation, analysis, feedback, evaluation, training, and professional development for businesses, non-profits, universities, PK-12 organizations, and individuals.

Education Acquisition Group serves as conceptual partners in thought and action, helping business executives accomplish their professional goals 

Mitchellville, Maryland     |     |     (202) 643-1126

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