Education Acquisition Group offers personalized executive coaching, consultation, and leadership training for businesses, non-profits, start-ups, and educators.

Education Acquisition Group, LLC. serves business executives across the country. Through ongoing executive consultation, clients can advance their company's vision, goals, and bottom line. Consultants specializing in evaluation, organizational planning, executive coaching, p12 education, cultural competency, and leadership training provide individualized, confidential advisement to companies requiring additional support.



Executive Thought-Partner, Jean-Paul Cadet, provides expertise in federal policy, Pk-12 leadership, principalship expertise for the executive consultation company.
Jean-Paul Cadet, Ed.D.

Executive Thought-Partner

Experienced k12 change agent, leader, & researcher

  • Favorite Hobby: Watching comic-book inspired movies 

  • Passion: Community uplift

  • Favorite Video Game: Donkey Kong

CEO, Mykia Olive, Mykia Cadet, leads the executive consultation company.
Patrick Caze, Ph.D., MHRM

Director of Data Analytics

Experienced consultant & military advisor

  • Favorite Hobby: Playing basketball 

  • Passion: Helping others

  • Favorite Video Game: Double Dribble

Mykia Cadet, Ed.D.

Founder & CEO

Experienced consultant, researcher, strategist, & editor 

  • Favorite Hobby: Creating raw vegan desserts 

  • Passion: Homelessness

  • Favorite Video Game: Tetris



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